The families Amand and Bianic were able to perpetuate their enterprises till 2007 or they combined meet together the new challenges of the 21st centuary. Historical stroll in pictures …

  • 1947 – M. Charles Amand established an home made delicatessen workshop at Vire (14).
  • 1960 – M. René Bianic established a delicatessen producing department at Lampaul Guilmiliau (29).
  • 1975 – Gilles and Didier Amand join hands with their father and the three established Charles Amand SA … in few years the enterprise will pass from the home made stage to the industrial stage, leader in production of andouilles.
  • 1976 – Michel and Claude Bianic joined hands with their father and established Bianic SA.
  • 1980 – The company Bianic established at Morlaix and moved from home made stage to industrial stage.
  • 1988 – Successful diversification towards sea products… Within a few years the company Charles Amand acquired an international dimension and has become the European leader in sea terrines. Since then Amand Terroir has become the brand for andouille and andouillette.
  • 1989 – Bianic SA constructed a manufacturing unit for Guémené at Beignon (56). The company will be the leader in its market.
  • 2000 – Sale of sea products part to a European Group (Amaris).
  • 2007 – The 4 historical managers and competitors have joined hands: Birth of Amand Bianic group.

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