Through the choice of quality products, Amand Caterer undertakes to provide all nutritional information to integrate its terrines in a balanced diet:

  • Raw materials encouraged by PNNS (fish, poultry, vegetables,..)
  • One terrine product to be integrated in the menu plan of GEMRCN = recommendation of a minimum service frequency of 4 meals out of 20 with one fish or meat based preparation containing at least 70% of fish or meat and whose P/L is minimum 2
  • Recipes prepared to meet the nutritional criteria defined by the public authorities (lipids, salt, fibres,..)
  • Nutritional values for all its products
  • Tools to facilitate the introduction of terrines in the menus

Amand Caterer Terrines: for healthy and balanced menus

  • An incredible diversity of flavours and minerals to combine health and pleasure
  • Recipes made from low calorie foods like fish, poultry and vegetables, which have favourable effects on health
  • Recipes with proven nutritional qualities
  • Real nutritional benefit for the gourmet

Download the sheet Health Nutrition– Amand Caterer in PDF format