Produits halal

Amand-Bianic has launched a range of 12 “halal” products. These products without alcohol and without meat have just obtained the certification to be marketed under the name “halal”.

It consists of 11 terrines :

In Islam, the word halal (arabic : ???? [?alal], “ permit”, “layman”, “ licit”, sometimes wrongly spelt hallal is antonym of haram. “ Halal” defines what is permitted for the Muslim and “ haram” what is a sin and what is sacred, and what s therefore forbidden.
The term “ halal” is sometimes used by mistake as synonym for dhabiha, the ritual method for slaughter in the strict sense. Jointly used (dhabi?ah halal), the words describe any piece of meat permitted by the Islamic law. The word “kosher” is the equivalent of halal in Judaism.
Theoretically whatever comes from the sea is halal (licit).

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